Due to the spread of COVID-19 in the US and the increased requests from our customers who are concerned about maintaining a healthy environment for their employees and the general public, Impeccable Cleaning Services Inc., is

now offering a two-tier COVID-19 prevention service*.




Scope: treat spaces for protection against virus / pathogens


 Included services: 

  • Light mist with CDC and EPA-approved cleaning agents

  • • Wet wipe “high touch” surfaces, such as: 

  • • Doors / door handles / handrails 

  • • Light switches 

  • • Phones / Computer /cash register keyboards 

  • • Restrooms

  • • Surface wipe (as above) – partition doors & walls, sinks/faucets/vanities, toilets & flush hardware, doors, light switches, grab bars

  • • Mop floors with approved chemical/ botanical agents In addition to the above, services can be tailored to meet unique industry needs: 

  • • Restaurant

  • Food Service seating areas / bars / kitchen areas

  • • Retail 

  • self-check-out keypads / break rooms / desks / workstations / printers / copiers / conference tables & chair arms 

  • • Banking 

  • VAT carriers / ATM touch screens, keypads / teller station surfaces / break rooms / desks / workstations / printers / copiers / conference tables & chair arms

  • • General Office Space

  • staff break rooms / desks / workstations / printers / copiers / conference tables & chair




Cleaning and sanitizing in accordance with IICRC guideline S-520: 

  • HEPA vac surfaces 

  • • Wipe all hard surfaces 

  • • Apply mist/fog to penetrate areas that cannot be reached with cleaning cloths/wipes/wands 

  • Additional Options: 

  • • Steam clean carpets & upholstered surfaces

  • • Strip & wax VCT / vinyl flooring 

  • Understanding that you may face other operational challenges due to the spread of the virus, we want you to know that you can count on Impeccable Cleaning Services Inc.!

  • *Use of these practices are not a guarantee against infection or transmittal of virus / pathogens. Due to the nature of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, re-treatment may be necessary. Service may be subject to after-hours / emergency rates.
    Pricing will vary based upon square footage, count of items or surfaces to be wiped, hours our crews can access the space, and availability of materials to perform the services listed.

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